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Game Furs (Restricted in Some States)

Game Furs (Restricted in Some States)
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Model: Game Furs

Game Furs

Call us for pricing at:  888-863-2652

We offer legally-obtained furs, such as beaver, otter, and black bear. All our furs are professionally tanned.

The lower range price for a pelt is either a smaller fur or one of lesser quality. Choose the amount you want to spend when you call us to order.

TwoBears Wisdom:

  • Store furs in cedar when not being used and they will last many years.
  • When using fur for craft work, always cut and sew from the skin side.

Furs Available: Raccoon, Mink, Opossum, Bobcat, Muskrat, Otter, Beaver, Badger, Skunk, Ringtail Cat, Ermine, Weasel, Fisher, Coyote, Timber Wolf, Mountain Lion, Wolverine, Black Bear, Lynx (Not Legal in Michigan)

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