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Fox Furs

Fox Furs
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Model: Fox Furs

Fox Furs

Each fox fur has a price range, so we encourage you to call us for pricing at: 888-863-2652

For example:  We have small red foxes; top of the line complete red foxes; and everything in between  Complete furs are obviously more expensive that partials. Cased furs are tanned without slitting the belly.  They are usually more expensive to tan.

Fur quality varies greatly depending on fur thickness, color and size.  Complete animals are always worth more.  All our furs are professionally tanned.

Not all furs are legal to possess or buy in all states.  Please make sure of your local laws as the buyer assumes the responsibility.

TwoBears Wisdom:

  • Store furs in cedar when not being used and they will last many years.
  • When using fur for craft work always cut and sew from the skin side.

Fur Color Choices:  Red, Gray, Silver, Arctic, Arctic Marble, Cross, Blue, Cinnamon 

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